Barrett Systems installs open source software on the
   computers we build. Open source software is free,
   efficient and available to all.

   To learn more about the open source software we use
   click the icons on the left. Please take time to learn
   all you can if you wish to utilize one of our PC's

   We also offer working PC's with no software
   installed. These PC's are ideal for users
   who wish to run Microsoft or Apple software.

   Most of the computers we build are ideal for users who
   need a stable computer capable of checking email, surfing
   the web, office/document processing, school work,

   The Majority of the computers we build are NOT meant for:
      + High end gaming
      + Commercial scale graphics/media development
      + Commercial scale servers
      + Commercial scale database and data processing
      + Or Microsoft Silverlight driven applications, like Netflix.